The Restaurant Lido 84 born from the experience  of the Chef Riccardo Camanini that has decided to offer, with passion and enthusiasm, his cooking in an intimate and informal location characterized by the care of details.

The Restaurant Lido 84 is immerse into the green and the nature. An expansive garden as the frame of the entrance and a wide glass wall overlook directly on the Garda Lake donating a breath-taking panorama. It is an unique location, fresh and bright in summer, warm and comfortable in winter. The extraordinary interior room with scenic view, thanks to the wide glass wall, is a location exclusive and intimate that can hold about twenty tables, while the magnificent dehoor, represented from the garden and the quay, with its sunsets of incomparable beauty, it will be the perfect ambiance for dinner and happy hours in good company.

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Transparency, professionalism, reliability, a strong critical sense and ethical values are the fundamentals of the Restaurant Lido 84’  business philosophy. All the professional figures that operate with the Restaurant Lido 84 share this philosophy.

The Cooking

The cooking born from the product.

The product with its characteristics suggests the road to travel in order to give to customer an unforgettable dish.

The Garda Lake, thanks to the favorable climate and the careful to the protection of the territory is the perfect place where to find products of very high quality: fish of lake, fruit and vegetable products, dairy products, extra virgin oil DOP, citrus fruits, winemaking products.

The products used in the Restaurant Lido  84’s kitchen come from a meticulous selection of the suppliers that are small local producers that operate respecting the territory and its traditions.

Transparency, professionalism, study, research, sensibility and critical sense are the basic ingredients of all our dishes.


After having obtained the degree of chef at the Hospitality Technical Institute of Dario Boario Terme in Brescia, the chef Riccardo Camanini began his professional way collaborating with the Gualtiero Marchesi’s school. This occasion allowed him to do experience of a new mode of “do cooking”. A cooking that becomes art, an art that reinterprets time and space catalyzing the material aspects and those spiritual ones where everything always start from the product. The curiosity is what drives Chef Riccardo Camanini to discover the product in order ti create new combinations that as far as originals and particulars always remain tied to the memory of the scents. When the technique is ours It is only in the imperfection that we can discover the pleasure of a sensorial experience, the perfection dampens the emotionalism, the gestures made of extemporaneous, drive from colors, scents and flavors, close the Chef Riccardo Camanini’s courses making them uniques, authentics and incomparables.

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I want to share, through my courses, the travel that I do every day. Travels made of sensorial experiences told by colors, fragrance and tastes reinterpreted and held in my every single recipe.


My experience began with a luggage of modesty and passion, enriched then by the encounter with important experts which had known how to address the way of my life, allowed me to create my professional identity that, now, I desire it to become a benchmark in the Italian and international wine and food culture.

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My dishes

-Pork belly, tuscan kale, spicy, sweet and sour sauce and mustard greens
-Risotto, ‘Stracchino’ cheese and lake sardines
-Tortelli with ‘Bagoss’ cheese in broth
-Spaghettoni, butter, anchovies and lemon
-Barley and farro linguini, eel ‘garum’ and pike fish eggs
-Veal sweetbreads with butter pistachios, raisins, capers and preserved lemons
-Braised beef cheek, radicchio and ‘Rattes’ potato purée
-Lake pike poached in parsley broth, olives, capers and Marano polenta
-Grilled eel, bay leaf, wild greens and sweet garlic
-Homemade ‘fior di latte’ ice cream made from fresh mountain milk
-Rose cake with Garda lemon zabaglione
-Soufflé with berries and vanilla ice cream


The Restaurant Lido 84, managed by the Chef Riccardo Camanini, is situated in Gardone Riviera (Brescia) on the west bank of the Garda Lake, at the beginning of the well - known Lemon coastline. The air oxygenated by the mountains clears the sky making the blue of the water of the Garda Lake much more deep and the light of the sun much more vivid.

The Restaurant Lido 84 overlooks directly on the lake. Gardone Riviera is proud of its Blue Flag that means clean waters, bacteriological proof, a good working of the local services and, also, the care of both the urban fabric and the coastals. Gardone Riviera is a touristic place of international fame that conserves the original characteristics of the Liberty’s style end 800: Gardone Riviera, absorbed by a vegetation with exotic recalls, with a lot of cedar trees, magnolia, camphors and palm trees, is known as ’city-garden’ at international level.

Email Us

For more information and reservations write to:

Ristorante Lido 84
Corso Zanardelli, 196
25083 Gardone Riviera (BS)
Opening Time
from 12.30 p.m. to 02.30 p.m.
from 07.30 p.m. to  10.30 p.m.
Closed all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

For reservation:
Call +0039 0365 20019